Pay your workforce and contractors in Brazil at a glance
You make a single wire transfer and leave the hard work on us.

We transact payments for companies like these:

FacebookYouTubeToptalGoogle AdSense
Be it your workforce, advertisers or other companies, Husky is the best solution for batch payments in Brazil.

Fully compliant

We’ve got you covered on all documentation, anti-money laundering and Brazilian laws and regulation

Reduced costs for your contractors

Fixed fee and exchange rate established on Google. No hidden fees and all taxes included.

100% free for payers

That’s it. You make a single wire transfer and we charge you nothing to pay your contractors.

Easy and fast

You make a single money transfer and we split the payment among your contractors

Need corporate transfers to a single account?

We can help by simplifying money transfers between parent companies and subsidiaries or suppliers.

All support is on u

If there’s any issue with a payment, the support to your workforce is all on us. Never spend time on that matter again.


More than $50M transacted

3,200+ companies/people paid
250+ companies paying contractors
Authorized by Brazilian Central Bank

Relying on technology to make payments flow smoothly


Finance is our business. Customer care is our heart. Tech is our mind.

For us, everything starts with great technology, which leads to a great product. And our great product make payments faster, smarter e flawless.

Our technology is at your service to automate all your payment routines.


Simple, transparent and compliant batch payments in Brazil
Free for payers
Leave the hard work on us. You make a single wire transfer and we take care of all the rest.
then sit back & just watch your payments flow
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Real cases

“For almost 2 years I’ve been using Husky and they keep impressing me with their quality. Payments are fast, fees are the lower and they’re highly effective to solve any doubts. I’m paid in CHF and Husky was the only company to answer my questions straight to the point. It took me almost one month to have the same answers from my bank.”
Barbra Eliza
TrekkSoft AG
“You guys are the best! I’ve used many different services before. None of them fulfilled my needs as you – there was always loads of bureaucracy to get my money. Thank you so much for existing and making my life easier.”
Thiago Evandson
Vendchat App Inc.
“Husky has been providing great service since we started our contract – with the utmost practicality and customer service, even on holidays! I am delighted to find an excellent alternative to remittances from major banks.”
Juliana Sandrini
Fanhero, Llc